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That is what my information tells me, it also says that they tried to revolt recently but it was halted based on mutual feuds with the other Corps. IF they have the power of the entity of Fear, Parallax, then it may only be a matter of time before they try once more to assume control of the Corp. I want to see to it that doesn't happen. There are supposedly other members as well, though I haven't encountered them. Caveat looks down at his target closely, examining his features, before he realizes it he is trying to dissect the creature in his head. Caveat turns to Natal and with a serious tone says,

Sinestro brought me into this Corp, gave me this power, and his daughter is heir to it by his wishes. I serve Sinestro, and by blood-right his daughter. You seem to be one of the only other loyal rookies, I think we may have a power struggle coming and I need to make sure where everyone stands. It is my duty, to Sinestro and to Soranik.