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Originally Posted by buffalorock View Post
I liked it quite a bit, the bromance with Black Adam I remember particularly liking.

I get that a comic starring a villain will probably gloss over what made them a villain in the first place, but I was entertained.
I'm not a big fan of villains redeeming themselves only to "break bad" again but I like it when they examine the logic and ethos of someone like that and try to make some sense of them. Nobody sees themselves as the bad guy; it's an attempt to reconcile that thinking with how the rest of the world sees them. I am trying to determine if they've successfully fleshed out Sinestro by the end of the series, or if the effort was only half baked. So far I am digging it, and I've liked the odd issues I've read here and there. Now it's time to binge read and see things with a fresh set of eyes.
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