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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
Iím only passably familiar with LoSH, so those are mostly names to me.
The conception of the JL feels like the JLU show here, which is a nice oneówhere itís really big, cosmic, and somethingís always going on.
The tentacles thrown in for Japanese fans?
I was always a fan of the JLU and an expanded roster in general so that's how I always portray them. And once you're League you're pretty much always in the club. Green Arrow, Vixen, and Guy Gardner were in a few of the last issues of Damage and represented the League for example.

The tentacles.... will come into play in the 2nd arc if I take it that far. And I'm having fun with the story right now and know exactly where I'd take at least 15-20 chapters total in the 3 arcs I've got plotted. The next chapter will be from the POV of the Atom, with the 5th chapter being Hal's, and the last chapter in the first arc will come back around to Kyle Rayner. I wanted to play with the different points of view and so far I've enjoyed getting in the characters' heads. Atom will be interesting now that the Emergent Energy has jacked him up twice. I can't wait for the enemies' reveal next chapter.

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