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Originally Posted by UltimateFighter View Post
Sylent & Darth - Maybe after you see or hear of some awesome exclusive you'll find a way to go.
I'm heavily leaning towards not going, even though my wife kind of encouraged me to go since I didn't go last year. Honestly, I'd rather go back to Emerald City than support WC. My thing is, I'm still upset they went back to Anaheim, after telling fans that this was a one-year thing while Moscone was being renovated. I believe they could have found a way to keep the show in NoCal for the fans that initially supported it, but greed got the better of them. There were a multitude of other nearby venues they could have explored. This was supposed to be a local show, but they turned it into an 8-hour drive + hotel costs for Bay Area fans.

Over the weekend, a buddy that owns a comic shop and I were discussing our disgust of the WC and their move, and he mentioned that last year, they (WC) said that it was the "first Annual Anaheim WonderCon" which if you read between the lines means, they plan on keeping it there.

Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
Does Wondercon usually sell out very early?
WonderCon has never sold out of tickets... but they did sell out to the Bay Area.
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