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I'm aware of that, whiz kid. Thanks for your help though.

This is what I posted at CBR today. And nobody disputed it, because they knew it was true.


A lot of what I'll called for DC to do, they've done it or seem likely to. Let's see...
-- Twice-monthly publishing
-- John Stewart in the JL, in place of Baz and Cruz.
-- The Golden Age JSA brought to this era as young characters.
-- A Flash team title.
-- A line of minis that feature second-tier characters.
-- The LoS brought to this era permanently.

Two other proposals that economics will probably make necessary sooner or later:
-- Junking decompression.
-- Printing floppies on newsprint.

Looking less hopeful, but not impossible:
-- Powering down the most extravagantly powered characters.
-- Junking the emotional spectrum.
-- Finding something for Baz and Cruz to do besides be Green Lanterns.
-- A Charlton team title.

I don't have a lot more that I'd like to change!

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