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DC went wrong with John Stewart in a lot of places. DC took all the worst elements of various depictions of John Stewart and didn't take ANY of the best.

a) DC has completely ignored Mosaic, John Stewart's best story, for decades. But DC will keep him as a closed in on himself tortured soul. So they leave out the good stuff while keeping the damaging stuff.

b) DC has kept focusing on John Stewart's worst moment, Cosmic Odyssey, for decades. All of that is damaging.

c) DC takes some elements from his popular cartoon show appearance, like the Marine background and visual design, but leaves out other key features that seriously contributed to him getting over, like his relationships with Wally West and Hawkgirl, and friendships and mentor role with Static and Supergirl, or his rivalry with Despero. John Stewart being a marine is not what endeared a lot of people to him. I contest that it was his character development and relationships with others around him that made people care about him. DC Comics has none of that for John Stewart, thus fans of the cartoon won't feel totally comfortable with what DC puts forth as John Stewart. Just making him a marine isn't good enough.

d) I'm pretty sure DC intentionally tried to undermine John during the Geoff Johns years without doing anything too obvious until they tried to kill him. They just more or less ignored him for about a decade, which is very damaging in its own way, especially when Green Lantern's popularity was firing on all cylinders. It just looks strange that all these characters are doing all this stuff, but the black guy from the cartoon is off in the corner not really doing anything. This contributed to a perception among a lot of Green Lantern fans that John Stewart was useless and boring.

The character is still contending with all these ramifications. I think it will take something miraculous to have him get over them. Something on par or larger than what he got in the Justice League cartoon, but there is always the threat of internal sabotaging, which he was the victim of even while the cartoon was going on.
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