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Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
I dunno. I think Mosaic did wonders for the character, and a lot of that was built on the trauma of Xanshi, which is why, as terrible as I think Cosmic Odyssey was, I wouldn't want to completely erase it.

The beginning of the end for John was when Mosaic was cancelled. After that, he was pretty much an afterthought, ignored during ET, shuffled over to Darkstars for a bit, then depowered entirely and crippled. He was brought back with Rebirth, but merely as a supporting player, not anybody who actually got much focus (even later, when he was leading the Corps, it didn't seem like his character got a lot of focus).
And nobody has any idea who John Stewart is. Every writer would completely change his character to suit their idea of what "strong black GL" should be, ignoring his entire history.

Then on top of it all Geoff waltzes in and mutters, "Hey, people like his Marine stuff from dee cartoon, I should retcon that in!" and that becomes like the only thing subsequent writers even focus on.
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