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I know this doesn't add much to the discussion, but I don't think Cosmic Odyssey is a particularly enjoyable story regardless of the Xanshi incident. I think the most notable thing about it is the print quality of the book for when it came out.

Going back to Xanshi, I think that was the beginning of the end for John Stewart in comics. Post-Crisis/Post-Watchmen/Post Dark Knight Returns wrecked him with its "real world" deconstruction approach. Christopher Priest only added fuel to the inferno Cosmic Odyssey set in motion. DC wasn't quite ready to wreck characters like Hal Jordan yet, but more secondary guys like John Stewart were easy pickings (Jason Todd is another example [lol Jim Starlin again]). You can write big shocking stuff that changes a character forever without completely upending the status quo or mythology.

It's kind of amazing that Gerard Jones crafted Mosaic from those ashes, but I still don't think it completely repaired the character. Considering all that happened to John Stewart and how he was handled (getting crippled even after all that other stuff), it's no wonder few people really cared about him until the Justice League cartoon, which basically ignored all the baggage that comics had heaped on him and kept heaping on him. And Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns weren't interested in doing anything for him, so he continued to languish and still pretty much does to this day, IMO.

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