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If we're talking about The Green Lantern, I think the creators are taking a break because they want to take a break. They'll probably resume again when they're ready, which makes sense.

Putting out nonstop content every month (20 pages of content, that is) is a really stupid way to do things creatively. It pretty much guarantees the creators will get burned out and the quality will suffer, which I believe contributes to comics being a niche thing. The creative quality of them is often so slipshod, and they seem to rarely ever be approached as serious creative endeavors the way other media, like games, movies, and novels often are. Comics are often approached creatively as low cost throwaway stuff, but they now have these massive price tags on them for what they are.

People will be more drawn in by gripping content and quality comics over comics coming out all the time. People are willing to wait for novels, movies, video games, and television shows. They will wait for comics, too, if the comics are great.

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