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Originally Posted by Star-Lantern View Post
DC probably doesn't want a bunch of variations on the logo flying around for branding purposes. For in story purposes, I think the Green Lantern symbol should just be one symbol. When you go to a government building they usually don't do their own version of the country's flag. It's just the flag. That said, there have been things like personal coat of arms and such. Still, I think the symbols should be uniform.
Government building's don't use variations of flags, however almost every badge for law enforcement in every state or big city is different. A sheriff's badge as opposed to a standard law enforcement badge for example. And the military has several things to show one soldier is a higher rank than another. There's no point in making all the symbols more uniform when there's no Corps standard uniform that everyone wears anymore.

I've also thought for some time the GL's recognized as Honor Guard should have something to make them stand out. A different badge would be enough. If it were me though I'd give them more unique suits like how Guy's suit was worn by the Fists of the Guardians during Emerald Dawn II.

I don't want gentrification in my favorite comics. I want certain individuals to shine like they should.

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