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I can't recall regretting actually buying figures. I do have the typical regrets, though, like somehow losing a bunch of figures in moves, most notably a big collection of Toy Biz Marvel figures. I still don't really know how that happened. All I know is that I used to own the figures, and I don't anymore.

It doesn't seem like they're that expensive these days judging from listings like this...

...but I doubt I'll buy them ever again. I used to love Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and various other Marvel heroes as a child, but I'm weirdly near completely uninterested in them now. I can't even really explain why. It's not like they ever did anything to upset me, and it's not like I don't still like superheroes, and it's not like I don't realize that they're cool, but I just don't have much interest in them or nostalgia for them, which is quite strange to me, but is it what it is.

I think part of the reason is that if I go back and watch things like the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, I'll realize I don't like it anymore (I've tried here and there, but only in small spurts). The weird thing is that I can go back and watch things like the 90s Mega Man cartoon and Power Rangers and still love them and get hit with loads of nostalgia for them. Dunno', can't always explain matters of the heart. If I had to take a guess, it could be that the Toby Maguire Spider-Man films, the X-Men films, and the Fantastic Four films just killed my interest in those things, and I wasn't getting enough content that I actually liked from them to keep the fire burning.

That said, I still kinda' wish I had those figures I somehow lost.

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