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In an attempt to make the universe more like the pre New52 universe, it would appear the JSA characters of the mainstream Earth were wiped from existence and only a few people remember them. So far we've seen Jay Garrick try and escape the Speed Force, and Johnny Thunder in an asylum trying to get the Thunderbolt to work again.

Trey seems to think this JSA will get plucked from the 1950's, but Jay already knows Barry so I don't think it's the case. I'm interested to see if WW also forgot the JSA and was a member of the team during WWII or not since her movie was such a successful interpretation and she's like a good mix of Capt. America and Thor.

When it comes to Alan specifically... we haven't got anything yet aside from the promise of the JSA returning. Earth 2 still happened, but it isn't THE Society. The one returning is tied to WWII again....

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