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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
Nice. "I could've killed Hitler, introduced the smallpox vaccine 200 years early and prevented the Great Depression, but I had toys to get, dammit!"
I wouldn't dare try to make big changes in history. For all I know, they would end up screwing things up worse in the long run.

Though truthfully, I would be completely unwilling to ever travel back in time to a point before the birth of my last kid, for fear that any little change could ripple and alter exactly what sperm fertilized what egg, and I'd come back and the child I knew and loved would be gone forever.

I'd be perfectly willing to travel back to last week with the lottery numbers, though. (Or to prevent a tragedy, if I thought I could actually do so. I've seen enough stories of people with future knowledge trying to warn of, or avert, events to realize that there are several possible complications that might make this difficult.)
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