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Default Wow ya'll have to read this

This is an article that was released on this morning about the Green Lantern movie getting a go. Check out what this author said about the it:

" It’s officially time to scrape the bottom of the comic-book barrel. WB has announced that The Green Lantern will shoot in Australia with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell and a $150 million budget. Besides a favorable exchange rate, the government of New South Wales also provides a 15% “location rebate.” The lead hasn’t been named yet, but rumors thus far have included Emile Hirsch, Anton Yelchin , Sam Worthington, and Ryan Gosling .

To put the budget in perspective (and these are all estimated numbers…), Fantastic Four was $100M, Iron Man was $140M, Watchmen was $150M, The Dark Knight was $185M, X-Men: The Last Stand was $210M and Spider-Man 3 topped $258M. [ /Film ]

Keep in mind, The Green Lantern gets his superpowers from a magic ring. No, really. An alien named Abin-Sur crash lands on Earth, meets a young man, and likes him so much he puts a ring on him. And the ring inspires the him to put on a full-body spandex suit and knee-high green F-me boots. What that has to do with lanterns, I have no idea. Maybe when he’s not fighting crime, he’s really into shabby chic."

Just goes to show you that you really should check you facts before you post anything . . .

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