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Resaved my stuff again for my threads finally. Now... how bout some new stuff?

An RP I'm currently recruiting for is set in a new 2099 universe where the only thing really taken from the concept was the society and setting as well as the better bits of Spiderman 2099's history. Here's redesigns for Spiderman, 3D Man (who resembles my old Invisible Man design), Thor (an Inhuman kid wielding Ronan's hammer, my original guy), and Daredevil.

And here's my current guy in the 2099 RP, since the RP is now more or less a version of the Defenders. I wanted to use somebody less powerful so I used a new spin on the Blazing Skull, now just called Blaze.

Here's a few more JLU characters recently accepted.

And here's a couple old images I resaved because I love them. The Justice League Losers [Silver Scarab and Super Chief] as well as my take on B'wana Beast...

That's all I have for now! Thanks for coming back!

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