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In July of 2017 decided to start charging people roughly $400 per year to host images for users. Due to this a lot of work that was once in my thread has been replaced with the ridiculous photobucket500 crap. A lot of the work that had to do with cannon characters can be found on the DC and Marvel microhero wikia's, all of which were without permission. But hey, it saved some of my stuff from here so it's not all so bad. I'm working on getting the images for all of my fanfics resaved on a new site as well as the images starting on page #24 and moving forward. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to leave critiques and comments!


So after reading the Omega Men, despite it's flaws, it's still probably my favorite spin on Kyle Rayner since becoming Ion. When he finally became a Blue Lantern it wasn't as great as we all thought it would be. Then he went and wore all of the rings similar to Hal. And becoming the White Lantern would've been much better had they not actually tried making Carol and Kyle a thing and let him use white constructs like the WL's in Brightest Day.

Omega Lantern with just a rainbow hue around white constructs was dope and made a lot more sense. And it seemed as if he was depowered... but did he ever have to charge his forged white ring before? Anyway, here's new looks for Tigorr based more on his earlier designs as well as a streamlined look for Kyle.

EDIT: And before I forget, I took the gun for Tigorr off of the first good Cable micro I could find. Can't tell you who it was by to give them due credit because it was one of many micros on those Marvel/DC microhero wikias. I never got around to signing up for those forums to complain but I doubt it'd solve anything.


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