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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
So... what's so great or particularly special about an Ultraviolet ring?
Supposedly Ultraviolet runs on the user's "shame". So naturally Sinestro, master of fear, can control "use of shame (of failure)". But they try to say every ring-slinger out there has "shame of failure" (think John Stewart and a certain exploded star system), so Sinestro can control them, as well.

I can see where the writers were coming from, it still stinks to high heaven. This bending-over effort to make the "underside" of the 52 universes was bad enough with the Metal arc, the current arc is just pathetic to make "Totality" stay relevant in the current storylines.

The best thing to do is wipe away the "underside" universe, re-seal the Source Wall, and forever banish the Ultraviolet spectrum.
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