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Originally Posted by -//V\\- View Post
Government building's don't use variations of flags, however almost every badge for law enforcement in every state or big city is different. A sheriff's badge as opposed to a standard law enforcement badge for example. And the military has several things to show one soldier is a higher rank than another. There's no point in making all the symbols more uniform when there's no Corps standard uniform that everyone wears anymore.
I think that's kind of apples and oranges, because each cop does not have his own unique badge that doesn't resemble anyone else's. Kyle Rayner is a part of an organization, but, if his logo is changed to his old one, for whatever bizarre reason, he'd have a symbol that is completely unique to him instead of one that represents the organization.

And while the insignia is somewhat of a badge, it's more than that. It's the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps. I don't think there should be any variation on that. If there is, what's the symbol good for if it could be changed and warped on a whim by the members of the organization?

The Corps uniforms could never be completely standardized due to the different morphology of its members. The lead characters started using different looking ones when the Corps more or less broke apart, thus there wasn't much order anymore. Granted, the different looks did stick for many of them.

In this particular instance I don't put as much weight on the uniforms as I do the symbol. I guess because the symbol is a symbol, which means it represents something. When you change it, it's not that symbol anymore, no matter how similar it may be. It makes sense to me for the Corps to be united by that symbol, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me, in story, for one of the members to use something different that is completely unique to him and no one else. I guess some artists might think it looks cool, but it doesn't jibe well with the way the universe is currently set up, in my opinion. It worked okay when Kyle Rayner was the only Green Lantern and there was no Corps that he was a part of.

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