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Default Why aren't the Bat titles the diversity corner of the DCU?

Why is it Green Lantern instead?

There are so many But titles and they sell well enough that even if a "diversity initiative" didn't work very well there, it probably wouldn't do much damage.

Why would anyone cheerfully sacrifice Obsidian and Jade to make Alan, who had been straight for 75 years, suddenly gay, and think readers would be so pleased by this that the Earth 2 comic would fly off the shelves?

That didn't exactly go according to plan, did it?

If you're too unconfident to create a new gay character, then there are any number of older Bat characters who nobody has any reason to think ever were straight. So why do that to Alan rather than to one of them?

And why demote FOUR existing Earth Lanterns to promote two minority Lanterns who nobody asked for? Why not create such characters for the Bat-verse instead, where they'll be far less intrusive and problematic?

Come on now. If you're going to do this, then don't do it in a way that you should know very well will annoy a lot of people.

Are you in the business of making people swallow bad-tasting medicine that you think might be good for them? Or are you in the business of selling comics?

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