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Default Opportunity lost

Originally Posted by Maverick_GL View Post
Which could possibly have been one of the best stories in comics to date, if done right. Could have been DCs version of the Phoenix Saga almost.
Yep Maverick, it could have been DC's Dark Phoenix Saga, and could have given DC something that neither they or Marvel have ever had, an established hero that actually went villain or at best antihero before our eyes and stay there. We were told of Charles and Magneto's friendship before but we initially knew him as Magneto. Having Parallax go up against the JLA that he helped form would have made for great story telling, not because he was 'evil' but because he wanted to make things 'better' in a different way than they were willing to accept. Since I don't think that this Parallax is new 52's Hal, it won't have the same gravitas, but DC is in need of Apex (Thanos level) super villains since the Anti-Monitor is one note and Darkseid is 'dead'.
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