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Default Only one complaint

It is a storyline I have wanted for quite some time, Hal at home and the looming Par(Hal)lax threat so the only complaint I have about this is the art, could have been better so I gave it 4 stars. If handled right this could be the storyline that takes this GL writer from meh, to one of the favorites (up there with Gerard Jones and Geoff Johns). If DC wants the GL franchise back up and thriving, they need to bring back Ivan on the title, instead of using him to prop up sales on books like Cyborg and Aquaman that probably wouldn't survive without him there. Or EVS or bring Darryl Banks out of retirement or lure Alan Davis back from Marvel, heck Phil Jimmenez and Gary Frank aren't up to anything and they are under DC contract. I am happy that DC brought EVS back for Edge of Oblivion and hopefully he can stay on the Corps title afterwards, to be honest I like Jesus Saiz' work on Lost Army and wouldn't mind him as the co-artist on GL. First and foremost however is Ivan Reis my all time favorite GL artist.
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