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I think Guy Gardner using a yellow ring these days is a bad idea. I mean, let's look at it realistically. Most of the time, when people do something like that to characters, they usually just want to get those characters out of the way in some fashion. If those are the writer's sentiments and intentions, I'd advise them to just not write the character. If asked about it by readers, I'd just say there aren't any plans for that character currently. If pressed further by angry fans, just say "I understand the concerns, but that's just not the story I'm telling right now, and it would be a disservice to the story and to that character if I just shoehorned him in there."

What I would do if I was working on the character is give him his old bowl haircut back, or some play on it, but I wouldn't make it look as ridiculous as some artists did. I do think it is best to leave the character as a Green Lantern. If writers don't have any worthwhile ideas for him (and I don't think they have within recent history), it's best just to leave the character be until someone comes along with an idea, instead of doing something weird and potentially damaging to him that someone else will have to come along and clumsily undo. And yes, it will be undone if you do something like that.

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