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Originally Posted by jhpace1 View Post
The writers messed up Guy pretty good with both the yellow and red rings. I hated the "red mullet" days, and depowered Guy as the "Christ-mas Lantern" in the other universe was pretty terrible too.

Guy's worn the green, yellow, red, and violet rings already. I hated his "5 years in the future" story with Guy as a Blue Lantern. It was like ultra-pacifist Guy from the JLI days.

Right now they have Guy as the "angry cop" GL in the GLC. I can live with this, and really don't want to see Guy with another ring - even yellow.
I loved Guy with the yellow ring back in the day, in his own title, but that ship has sailed. The yellow ring isn't the same thing as it was back then, and comes with too much Sinestro Corps baggage for me to want to see Guy with it again.
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