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^Someone said there was a GL uniform on one of the corpses in issue 1 or 2 or whatever that was. I didn't notice and didn't go back. Whether a GL will be important to the story in the final issues? Who knows? It's a JL story, so I'd give it a 1/3 chance. If that's the only thing keeping you reading, I'd say drop it. Someone on this board will mention GL activity if it comes up.

I don't think there are many fans that could name and describe every character that's appeared. Many are purposely C-listers.

As far as the plot, I don't find it anywhere nearly as confusing as the recent Metal story (and the followups). I lost that plot early on and didn't feel like going back to re-read stuff. As far as I take it, there is a safe have called Sanctuary, but it was "impossibly" breached (and revealed in the process) and all signs point to Booster or Harley being guilty, though both think they're not (but could be crazy).

The latest twist was that Booster found out Wally had time traveled (or been pulled in time) before his death. But what that means has not been revealed.

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