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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
Well, he's going to write Hal, and apparently for 12 issues. How big is that? I don't know. Twelve issues isn't many, and he doesn't seem to be changing anything fundamentally.

I don't think Green Lanterns is going anywhere though. I think they're moving Guy and Kyle into that comic, which will suck.

So far I'm not impressed, although I imagine that The Green Lantern will sell.

Maybe that will change.
I believe Green Lanterns will be cancelled, and Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner shelved or gotten rid of some kind of way. Baz, too. I think DC will only move forward with the three Green Lanterns that are accounted for (Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Jessica Cruz). I don't think that Green Lantern Corps will relaunch.
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