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I'm currently reading "Star Trek: Corps of Engineers - Wounds".

I read basically everything Star Trek. This series is OK. I didn't read it the first time around (this is a collection) because it was only available in e-book format, and I refused to support that for a few reasons.

(Please ignore the rest of this post if you have no interest in hearing me rant about Star Trek e-books, which have, thankfully, been discontinued)

One, I'd have to sit at my desktop computer and read it off the screen, because I don't have anything more portable to view it on (and originally they didn't even offer them in a format that worked with portable viewers- that may have changed by now).

Two, when you go to purchase an "e-book", they don't tell you a page count. Most of these were 75-pages or less, even if it required breaking a story into 3 or 4 parts to make each one that short. Mighty deceptive if you ask me, since that makes them more of an "e-short-story", which was not, IMHO, worth the price they were charging, considering that most of their novels are around 300+ pages these days. "E-books" should cost LESS per page to produce, not MORE, given the lack of printing costs, and the inconvenience of the format to many of their readers...
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