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Originally Posted by Hypo View Post
If we're talking about the Green Lantern events then I can't see how you can give Johns the majority of the blame there...seriously how can he not be the driving force behind them?

As for the New 52, that was all on Didio.
Because Goeff said he always planned on doing 3 events. That they were going to be like the Star Wars trilogy. Then all of a sudden all these other Green Lantren events happen.

My theroy is that was his plan,but with How Crazy sucessful Rebirth and Sinestro Corps Wars was someone at a the top wanted more and more until the Green Lantern tree stopped giving.

Honestly no one has come forth and taken credit for that crap sandwich,and why would they? Those people or person played a big part of screwing up Green Lantern when it was at it's top.
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