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Originally Posted by CeltiC5-27 View Post
To answer your question, absolutely! If it wasn't for Bruce Timm, I guarantee you nobody would know who John Stewart is outside of the comic community.
Need to give credit to Dwayne Mcduffie too. He recognized how crappily Stewart was handled in the comics (i.e Cosmic Odyssey a.k.a one of the worst New Gods stories ever) and decided to keep what worked and leave what didn't. Now you have a whole generation of fans who think GL should be a black man. I am a part of that generation and watching Stewart in JL and JLU along with seeing the GLC helped get me in Green Lantern. Reading Johns run from his constant retcons to his stannery to his obession with random blood and gore and taking power rings way too seriously turned me off the series until the current team came on. Van Jensen, Chang, and Maiolo did a lot for Stewart and the GLC and it's a shame that the book got cancelled and they're not being brought back. What gets me is Bunn isn't even a good writer and yet he got to stay. Now I'm worried all that hard work is going to go to waste yet again. SMH.

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