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Originally Posted by TEN_RINGS View Post
John Stewart seems to have a cult following is it only from his appearance on the Justice League cartoons or is it something else? I have not seen that much character development with John so I cant pin point the exact reason for his popularity. So please tell us the reasons you guys all love John.
I have no problem with people who were introduced to John this way and love the 'toon. I also have no problem with people who have read John's comics and are dissatisfied with certain events of his past. I do have a problem with people who only know the JLU's simplified, kid-centric version of John and discount the comics, and the GL mythos as a whole.

As for me, I like John's no-nonsense approach to the Corps. If makes sense to me that someone who was initially portrayed as a social crusader, and later on a soldier, would be a solid fit for the ring.
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