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Skin Trade (2014)

"Never underestimate a pervert."

Probably a mid-grade actioner (international cop revenge against slavers) except that it stars Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa with Michael Jai White and Peter Weller in supporting parts and Ron Perlman as the baddie. Ups the quality and certainly the fights are good.

[Rifftrax] Star Trek: Generations (1994/2007)

"I sense upsetedness."

Originally Posted by Mister.Weirdo View Post
Unfortunately it lacks the enjoyment or scare factor of either of The Conjuring films, or that recent Annabelle Origins film. As it stands, it's a very standard modern horror film, with some surprisingly strong and interesting cinematography, but on the whole is very uninteresting, and average as well. - 5 / 10
Huh. My mother and I were talking about seeing this in a week or so because we've seen the others, but maybe it would be best to wait. IMO, Annabelle Creation was only mediocre anyway. If it doesn't live up to that, that's not saying much.

Originally Posted by Mister.Weirdo View Post
Hosting a Swashbuckler series at the Norwich library starting Saturday. The first film is The Adventures of Robin Hood. I was recommended to write a review / retrospective of it, and here it is.
Link doesn't work.
What else did you show? Captain Blood? Modern stuff, like PotC?

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