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Constantine (2005)

"Sonny, I've got a whole theme park full of red delights for you."

Found this to be pretty interesting, though it did make me wish for a more visually-appropriate actor to play the lead (I'm not a Hellblazer fan, never have been, but I think it would have been a nice move all the same for him to at least wear the trench coat). Keanu did fine, came across as a cynical dick, just fine and all.

I liked the plot, this murder mystery with major inter-planar religious involvement, end-of-the-world shit. The film had a helluva visual flair.

And I found the actors very appropriate (aside from John not looking like John, as mentioned above). I think Peter Stormare, for all his brief appearance at the end, really stole the show, but Tilda Swinton's Gabriel was a perfectly-played bitch.

Overall, very pleased I finally took the chance to see this. My dad was in disbelief I hadn't yet, and I was surprised at his surprise (he mentioned he's seen it on TV on and off, but the intensity was always drained by the commercials and it's already 2h1m long).
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