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There's nothing stopping Robert Venditti, Sam Humphries or Tim Seeley from writing a crazy good Larfleeze story. The Larfleeze special certainly didn't help up his fear factor, and his solo series didn't do that deed any more justice. We all saw that coming when they put Keith Giffin and JM DeMatteis on the title. But to be fair, it's incredibly hard to write a book about a villain and not want to dive into the reason why they are so villainous. No one is born evil. Larfleeze wasn't born into a joke of a threat, he simply became one.

This is a character that was sole reason the Vega system was supposedly off-limits and virtually empty. Now, even when teamed with a Brainiac, he's vaguely threatening. It'll take a writer who sees him as soft to want to change that. Right now though, it'd be easier creating a new threat than to undo the damage done with Agent Orange.
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