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Default The Rise and Fall of a Badass

Remember within a year after the Sinestro Corps War how we were introduced to somebody even more feared, even more powerful... than even Parallax? I'm talking about the serious threat that was Agent Orange [did that name not stick?] and how much more menacing he was in his debut. Sometime after he became the muppet we see off and on now, always screaming 'Mine!' and doing stupid stuff like picking fights with Santa.

Why on Earth would the big wigs at DC waste such an epic character to turn him into comic relief?

I think DC is under the impression badguys have to be MORE than badguys to be entertaining. Sinestro, Larfleeze, the Red Lanterns, and Deathstroke should NEVER become 'anti-heroes' or be comic relief in anything. I'm disappointed in the character's turn. Had he remained a badass he might still be useful.

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