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Originally Posted by Dave Cormier View Post
I try to be forgiving to Dracula, but I find it's one of the Uni movies I least watch. Sometimes I like to do marathons, and I'll watch all 8 for Frankenstein, 5 for Wold Man, 3 for Creature and so on. As repetitive as they are, I like the Mummy movies. Good, cheap monster fun with tana leaves mixed in.
Oh, I agree. Of the Browning vampire movies, I'd rather watch "Mark of the Vampire" (even though it's not part of 'the canon', and I just don't pay any attention to the ending).

I'm following the "conceptual continuity" (as Zappa would call it), so the various Mummy movies, Daughter/Son of Dracula, Phantom, Hunchback, Jekyll/Hyde, Black Cat/Raven/Rue Morgue and that ilk, will have there own little mini-re-watchings.

Tonight's viewing will be Whale's Frankenstein...oh boy. At one point, somebody had posted, on YouTube, their reworking of both of Whale's Frankenstein films, very much like the way they had taken the first two Godfather films and re-edited into one linear timeline. The YouTube guy had also tinted the scenes (like they did in the silent era) and added the Franz Waxman score from "Bride..." as was appropriate. I think Universal must have made him take it all down, but it was pretty cool.

Mmmmm, tana leaves...makes you big and Popeye!

Can anyone "name that Mummy"?
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