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Originally Posted by Dave Cormier View Post
Is that the whole thing?
Yep, like Space cop said, that's the whole bloody thing. 1910 wasn't that far removed from the Lumiere Brothers "one minute" movies. As Space Cop also mentioned, it is amazing that the 'creation' scene (shot backwards) is as long as it is.

There were at least two other films, one Italian-made, based on the Shelley story. However, both are allegedly lost (but the Edison was also in the list at one time, so who knows). If y'all see anything about those, 'lob' 'em on in.

I always like to think of Cesare from "...Caligari" and "The Golem" as being the prototypes for Whale's concept of the creature...and the Maria robot from Metropolis as the proto-"Bride".

It is amazing that the studio did think to try to at least have some continuity to these films, although there are some discrepancies. (Where's Ygor's brain? lol)

Lon Chaney Jr.'s Larry Talbot was the 'glue' that held the later continuity together, and I think he was a terribly under-rated actor (as did Stanley Kramer, who would use him every chance he could get, and had high praise for his acting abilities).

Someone, please stop me before I start blogging. LOL

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