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I wish letter columns would come back. There was something nice about reading feedback right in the comic itself. Plus, if you sent letters in yourself, there's always the off-chance that you'd get your name printed in your favorite comic and have a small place in your comic forever.

Very fanboy(and girl)-ish, yes.
But did you ever see that letter Geoff Johns got printed in a mid-90's Superboy comic where he suggested that maybe Kon got the other half of his DNA from Lex Luthor? That kind of made me laugh forever. And gave me hope that maybe one day I too could get a job working for DC and writing my crazy fanwank theories into canon (one day I WILL write the equivalent of Rebirth for Maxwell Lord!!!!!)

Another "favorite letter" of mine is in one of my old JLI issues where some random reader suggests that Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle have a team up. Giffen's reply is all like: "I DON'T SEE THAT HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON, SRY."
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