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So I'm watching the Event Horizon extras and they mention how Sam Neill was totally naked wearing full-body scarred-flesh prosthetics on the stage and they're shooting in the dead of winter, the stage has no heating, and Neill is freezing his balls off.

What a trooper.

But the extras are fascinating. The ship's design is actually partially lifted from Notre Dame itself, and they wanted the design to have religious aesthetics built into the ship all over the place. Jason Isaacs wanted to keep the full-size model of himself that was made for the scene where his chest is cut open. They came up with the magnetic boots because the whole thing on wires would have gone over-schedule/-budget. Miniature scale-model of the ship was 30 feet and needed machinery to move. Sean Pertwee turned his hair platinum blonde and when Paul Anderson saw it, he was speechless, so Pertwee shaved his head the next day. Anderson is on the cover of a book floating in the entryway of the ship, his Hitchcock cameo. The screenwriter for Se7en did a sequence where Fishburne finds a tooth floating in the air, but since it was long and didn't progress the plot it was removed.

The commentary I'll have to watch another time, maybe after rewatching the film sometime this week. It's only 90m so I can probably squeeze it in twice this week, hopefully.
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