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Originally Posted by chosenone85 View Post
how does this make the flashpoint title more interesting? (havent read it) the new series is just going to pick up where issue 67 left off.
Well IGN made a nice Top 10 of Retcons DC will have to do. And on their #2 spot is Blackest Night.
Why? Take Hawkman for instance, DCnU gives him a new origin/background and starts from fresh. How can you keep Blackest Night into continuinity while Black Lantern Hawkman shouldn't even be dead (or died) in DCnU. That's just one of the many things, new reboot of Superman so Death of Superman would never took place, yet there was a Black Lantern Superman.

So it would make sense that Flashpoint has also his effect ripples into Green Lantern series. It would make sense, but that doesn't mean i have to like it.

Think the only thing we can do is sit and watch what will happen in the end of GL War + Aftermath + DCnU
Who knows maybe it's Sinestro Green Lantern and the Hal Jordan Corps instead of the Sinestro Corps.
In Flashpoint Hal never gets a Ring, so maybe No Hal at all?
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