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Default NorthCoastComicCon - Ohio

Today was the 1st ever North Coast Comic Con and I got to meet

Sean Mckeever

While not a GL writer he is now DC exclusive after a ton of Marvel work, currently wrapping his run on Birds of Prey and having wrote a few issues of Countdown and also currently writing Teen Titans ( as of issue 50).

A couple of things I got from him

1. Jaime Reyes is not leaving Teen Titans any time soon, in fact he will be teaming up with Kid Devil shortly.

2. I asked if Blackest Night would crossover with TT he states that it is too far off and he doesnt have TT planned that far ahead, but would love to touch Blackest Night.

3. With the new Corps Sean had wanted to bring a teen Emo-Lantern into the Teen Titans say a Blue or Indigo one from Earth I would think but Johns said no (damn it, Geoff!).

Anyway he's a really cool guy and I think DC is lucky to have him. I have read TT here and there but now that I know Jaime is there to stay. I think I am going to add it to my pull list. I mentioned the board to him and told him of some of our other creator-members Sean said he is going to drop by and check us out. Whether he will register or not is yet to be seen, great guy. I highly urge you to support his work.
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