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Broderick's work is really hit or miss for me. Sometimes his stuff looked incredible, and other times it was totally ugly. And his women were sometimes just unattractive when I think they were actually supposed to look good.

I feel the same way about Ethan Van Sciver, including the part about the women. Sometimes some of the stuff he does is really breathtaking, while other times it's either too noticeably off, or so overdone it becomes unappealing. He strikes me as the kind of person who primarily learned to draw looking at 90s comic books, and not really drawing from life. That's not necessarily bad, per se, but it can cause some drawbacks. He's obviously very skilled and can do impressive things, but then there are sometimes these massive flaws that seem like someone who has been drawing for as long as he has and at his level should have worked out by now.

From Broderick's period, I prefer M.D. Bright. I think he was more considerably more consistent and I like his general style more. And from Van Sciver's, I think Ivan Reis is an overall stronger artist.

I was looking at some of Daryl Banks' GL work again about last week and he really was incredible. One of the better Green Lantern artists, in my opinion. Pelletier was great, too.
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