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id see it

Marvel and Disney Rumored to Release The Avengers: Director's Cut in Theaters to Land No. 1 All-Time Spot?

The Avengers is sitting comfortably at No. 3 overall on both the domestic and International ticket sale charts but it seems both Marvel and Disney desire the No. 1 overall spot and a current rumor says they could be contemplating releasing The Avengers: Director's Cut in theaters at the end of this summer.

Please remember this is from a post and another Hollywood source who has heard this rumor and told SuperHero Authority this is a possibility but nothing has been confirmed to actually happen. Marvel and Disney have not said anything regarding this new rumor as well.

You might be thinking this is a ridiculous move but when you consider the fact there could be over 35 minutes of new and unseen footage in the director's cut, you might actually consider seeing it again in the theater. Before the current theatrical version was released, director Joss Whedon's previous edit of the film was at just about, or just over, three hours in length.

This journalist thinks that amount of additional time is more than enough to make the re-investment worthwhile.

In the end, this move could legitimately push The Avengers to the top of both the domestic and International charts and the world's largest entertainment company will own the top grossing movie ever.
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