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Three stars. Barely.

Hal's crew onboard the treacherous starship Darlene catches up to Hal Jordan, who is carrying Black Hand to the Source Wall, where Relic is still studying it. For those wondering why, scientist Relic is the last survivor of the another universe (the one the Lost Corps got shunted into), where "Lightsmiths" drained all emotional energy in their quest for supremacy, destroying everything and causing a Big Crunch. When he awoke in our universe (care of White Lantern Kyle Rayner and the Templar Guardians), Relic decided to be more proactive and kill all the light-users in our universe. He was stopped by Hal Jordan using Black Hand to throw Relic into the Source Wall, where the titan saw Kyle Rayner refill the "emotional reservoir" with the sacrifice of most of the Emotional Entities (sans Parallax). Black Hand revived Relic and other titans from the Source Wall, which Sinestro and Hal Jordan used to defeat the New Gods in the next crossover.

So here's Hal, Relic, and Black Hand all facing off. Because when he escaped the Source Wall, Black Hand caused a problem - the Source Wall gravel that petrifies anything it touches came flowing out, hitting random planets. Hal Jordan has a solution, one Black Hand won't like one bit.

Colors were all right, but the pencils were nothing great. At times precise, at times you had blunt faces and bodies. Characterizations were spot on, as Hal proved to Relic that slow scientific study has its' drawbacks. And Hal is finally getting homesick. The Source Wall has "changed" from being made up of previous titans who dared to try and breach the final barrier to extra-universal space, to just a featureless stone wall. That's a downgrade in my book. (What is this, a Dyson Sphere?)

Closure to the current arch, not great, but not lacking too much either. We'll see how Darlene and crew get along on superhero-filled Earth next issue.
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