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I'm not particularly knocking Geoff here. He just did what everybody else does. But he's a pertinent example, in that he spent 10 years making very gradual changes in Green Lantern.

Now if he really wanted to see those changes, and he really thought they were needed, then why didn't he make them fast -- say, in six months? The answer is that he, like so many other writers, made his run about the changes he was making, instead of about the stories he was telling!

That's why the comic sucks now. It's nothing like the way it was when he took it over, and his changes have been harmful. Yes, they helped him tell stories, and they got people excited for a while, but they hurt the comic.

If you don't want to make your changes fast, then I call bullshit on you. If they're really needed, then you need to make them right now, and not drag them out for years as grist for your stories.
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