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Nice Darth! You and Sylent are so good about pics. BTW, I did get a few at Wondercon. I got them on my iPhone though so it's painful to upload/transfer but one of these days I'll do it and post in the Wondercon 2013 thread!

So Darth I am curious, was it somewhat strategic to visit Chicago when C2E2 was in town so you could check it out for a bit or pure coincidence? Only 3 hours? Seems like you did a lot though in those 3 hours.

Originally Posted by Darth_Primus View Post
The Block was the main area where merchandise could be bought. I heard the "Toy Hunter" Jordan Pembroke was at C2E2, but I wasn't able to see if he had a booth set up.
Speaking of the Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough, and my off topic mention of Wondercon in the C2E2 thread, he was also at WonderCon and I DID get some pics of him ... actually I got a few with him. I even bought a vintage Star Wars R2D2 figure from him. He was real cool. He even took a picture with my kids. They were filming and my buddy and I actually had to sign a waiver so we might be on TV when they run that episode. I also met and talked a ton with his buddy Mark that I noticed has been on the show a couple of times already. He was cool too. Maybe because the show is still so new but there were not very many people around and a lot people had no idea. I got like 10 people who were walking by that asked me who is this, why are they filming? You figure it being WonderCon and he being the Toy Hunter, more people would know but while these are often billed as pop culture events, it's still pretty niched. I remember I met Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm at Wondercon like 4 years ago and NO ONE recognized him. He was just walking the convention floor like we would so when I acknowledged him and asked for a picture he was totally cool and nice about it. I think he was just happy someone knew him!
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