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So my wife and I took a trip to Chicago the same weekend of C2E2, so I squeezed in about 3 hours to attend the con. I spent about 80% of my time waiting in lines in Artist Alley

Here are some pics from the event:

Chicago was very welcoming to the event much like San Diego.

My wife and I were at a deep dish pizza joint the night before and we ran into some guys that attended C2E2 on Friday and so I chatted them up. They told me there was a free shuttle about 6 blocks from my hotel. FYI, my hotel was like 3 miles away from C2E2.

The Block was the main area where merchandise could be bought. I heard the "Toy Hunter" Jordan Pembroke was at C2E2, but I wasn't able to see if he had a booth set up.

Here's a partial shot of Artist Alley. There were a lot of great artists and writers.

Amanda Connor

Jimmy Pamiotti

Doug Manke was cool.

Ethan Van Sciver could not be bothered to sign anything as the mesage noted next to him. I came back after lunch but he wasn't at his booth.

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