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We only have one benchmark, and that is the Black Label books that came out already. In Batman Damned #1, Azzarello and Bermejo got green light to show Batman's peen, but as soon as the issue got shipped to the stores, Didio or Lee or both got cold feet, made up a lie about m9nitor brightness and immediately nerfed the digital issue, censoring all future reprints around the world.

Then they re-released Batman White Knight by Sean Murphy. Murphy had included a post-coital scene between Harley and Joker, in which you could see her topless. For the non-Black-Label single issue release, the cowards placed the speech bubbles over her mammaries, leading to an awkward amount of negative space in the panels, above Joker's and Harley's heads. They announced that they would fix the panels for the Black Label paperback and restore Murphy's vision - and then didn't.

Doomsday C(l)ock isn't a Black Label book, but that one showed Dr. Manhattan's wang. Which is literally more cojones than any Black Label book was allowed to have.

It is possible that Far Sector will show her nipples. But I would bet money against it.
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