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Originally Posted by lawman View Post
when black lantern martian manhunter attacked Hal Jordan and Barry allen we see a panel through his eyes, he see's hal as green with a thought bubble saying "willpower"
but we see barry as Blue with the thoughtbubble "hope"

is this a cheeky spoiler or does everyone have a core emotion which they fit into?
Three seconds later it showed Barry in a yellow aura with fear being read by MM. It's whatever emotion they feel most at the time, Black Lanterns can see it. Like Hawkgirl and Hawkman were both red Rage and then Hawkgirl's aura changed from red to pink when she started to confess her love to Carter.

I think Wonder Woman will take a ring for a short period of time if she looses her powers. Since Zeus made Achilles the new champion and Diana turned her back on the Gods and the Amazons.

Superman might get a blue ring for maybe like a half of a book just to power up a bit, because I don't think he'll be strong enough on his own to beat the Black Lanterns.

Aside from those two, I don't think anyone else will get any rings.
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