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Originally Posted by RageofAtrocitus View Post
That would be cool for at least a lil 3 panel exchange between them... Supes is like the intergalactic beacon of hope
I agree superman has always been a icon for hope as batman has been one for fear I have a theroy that superman will start to question hope when he sees his former jla members as black lanterns and saint will come in to reassure him that he must fight and spread hope

As far as the flash goes he was blue but when manhunter atacked he turned yellow (fear) I wondered about this until I saw gl first flight and the bouns blackest night interview with johns when he stated that black lanterns willgo to those who were their friends when they were alive and try to get a emotional rise outta them so that they can turn a shade of one of the 7 emotions and then they will try to rip their heart out and feed it to the ring
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