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Originally Posted by Ωmega Man View Post
This one was the last straw for me when it came to Marvel messing with the X-Men on purpose to completely throw a curve at Fox. And it's not just that they did this with the younger Iceman from the past, but it then went on to effect the mainstrem Bobby. And the way they did it with the younger Jean reading his mind and telling him he was gay. The character then asked "My adult self likes women, maybe I'm bi?" to which the younger Jean was like "Nope. You're just gay."

I'm all for representation, as a tri-racial mutt of a man I can identify with just about anybody, but if any of the founding five X-Men was gonna be gay it would be Beast. Making Iceman gay didn't add anything to the character. He was already making waves as a ladies man with relationships with Shadowcat, Rogue, Polaris, and others over the years. The one aspect of Hank McCoy's character that's rarely looked upon is his love life. Off the top of my head the only time it's ever come up is when he was involved with a woman that basically worked for the Spider-man equivalent of Two-Face [that was a story in the 90's Spidey cartoon!]. Aside from that I think in one of the recent disasters of a live action X-Men I think he kinda had a thing with the ridiculous hero version of Mystique?

Hank McCoy's love life could've been a secret because it's hard enough being around people when you're larger than normal and covered in blue fur. He also tends to hold government/mutant liaison roles, and some government types tend to keep their love lives super private. Making him gay would've actually added something to the character rather than trash 50+ years of character building done to another in his various relationships.

As an Iceman fan since way back I gave his solo series a shot, then the tagline basically being "Now being true to himself and more powerful because of it..." completely killed it for me. You're reminded he's gay regularly. Not a fan of some of these iterations of Iceman's designs either... the follow up series after the first was cancelled wasn't any better. The suit design being the one he used in the 90's X-Men cartoon was kinda cool, but partnering him with Bishop was random.

So much potential for a good series wasted on pushing this gay Iceman. He's essentially the Spider-man of the X-Men franchise. A few X-Men have potential out the wazoo for a solo series, Angel/Archangel for example, Havok, Colossus, Sunfire, Banshee or Siren....

yeah i too didn't like them making Iceman gay, it just come out of no where and as of now (if i'm wrong please tell me) it has gone no where so in the end what was the point?

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