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Originally Posted by EmeraldGladiator View Post
Other artists I would like
Nicola Scott, loved her work on Earth 2
Finch, I know he is with is wife over on WW but if they remove her as writer his early work on Cyber Force and Ascension was some of the best ever.
Eaglesham liked his work over in Sinestro
Ed Benes hasn't been up to much
Brett Booth since his time on Flash is about to wrap up his time on Flash
  • Nicola Scott - She's busy working on her creator owned series, Black Magick, with Greg Rucka. If you're a fan you might want to check it out, probably the best art of her career.
  • David Finch - I actually think his recent work really hasn't been that good, he use to be decent if he had appropriate lead time but even that isn't a given anymore. Regardless since he's a big name the only way you get him on this book is if:
    • You pair him with an A-list writer
    • His wife writes the book (you don't want that).
    • He writes the book (you REALLY don't want that).
  • Dale Eaglesham - He'd be a great choice.
  • Ed Benes - He'd be an ok choice I suppose, I didn't particularly care for him in the past, his faces always annoyed me.
  • Brett Booth - Only slightly better than Tan in my book.

While not A-list I think any of the following would be solid choices for the book:
  • Karl Kerschl
  • Mikel Janin
  • Cliff Chiang
  • Jorge Jimenez
  • Barnaby Bagenda

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